A Comprehensive Comparison of Tankless Electric and Gas Water Heaters

There are two types of thankless water heater namely thankless electric water heaters and Thankless gas water heaters. Have a look below at some of the comparison of the advantages and disadvantage of installing each of them.

Tankless Electric Water Heaters

  1. The tankless electric water heater typically has more than one heating component and these elements offer a high heat production. Thankless electric water heaters entail less power. Moreover, they do not stock up water and heat the water instantaneously at the same time as it flows through the element.
  2. Tankless electric water heaters are offered in two different models. One is flow-controlled and the other one is known as thermostatic.
  3. These days a wide variety of tankless electric water heaters with the most sophisticated technology and features are available in the marketplace. They are suitable for kitchen sinks as well as laundry areas when used in a residential setting.
  4. The main disadvantage of tankless electric water heaters is that they entail electric power.
  5. They cannot generate high flow rates.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters

  1. If we make a comparison on the power bill, the cost of using a tankless gas heater is much lesser than installing an electric heater.
  2. The flow of water in case of gas heaters in more than the electric models.
  3. If we make a comparison then the implementation of a tankless gas water heater is easy.
  4. When the faucet is on, the burner will ignite automatically and this heats the water instantly. When the faucet is off, the unit will stop working.
  5. Tankless gas water heaters have well-built capacities that are larger than a tankless electric water heater.

A tankless gas water heater installation cost is extremely high.

From above comparison, you can now make a decision that which model suits your needs.