The issues with secondhand Apple devices & possible solutions

It is easier and more affordable to buy a secondhand iPhone from the market but we should not forget the fact that we can be a prey to iCloud unlock at any time without assigning any prior notice from the previous owner. The best way is to buy a secondhand iPhone is that you get it with the factory setting making sure that the old iCloud has been replaced by the new one with your own password and username or you will have to face the music in the time to come.

People who buy a secondhand Apple device from the market often simply seem to be very glad knowing that they have saved less than half of the market value compared to buying a fresh piece. But they are actually unaware of the fact that they are likely to get noticed by the system with the message so-called iCloud unlock making it impossible for them to use the features of their device.

In fact, you should be glad about your purchase once you have made sure that the new iCloud account in accord with your own new password and user ID. It is possible that the seller will try their best to satisfy you with iCloud unlock feature saying that it does not matter if it is not registered with your own name and that you will be using the device without any issues.

Well, beware, the secondhand phone may cost you more than even a fresh piece because you will be losing the entire amount in care of facing iCloud unlock issue. Better be safe than sorry! As soon as you will turn iPhone off and then turn it on, you will need to enter an Apple ID & Password otherwise you will not be able to operate it. Are you able to recognize what you are supposed to do with all that? In fact, you need software or tool that you can use online in order to gain access to your iCloud account. It is not that you get it from the market, it is possible that you get it from one of your friends as a gift.